THE DIGITAL CRAFTSMAN CALLED 5IVE FOOTER BUT MOST KNOW ME AS DEXTER. You can call me Dexter. Dex if you have a thing for abbreviations. I am a freelance graphic artist who specializes in creating dynamic and attractive illustrations, print media, web design and identity. I have been calling myself a freelancer for nearly 10 years, and haven’t regretted becoming one at all. (Occasional wonder of why I didn’t begin sooner, but I digress). I carry a few titles. Artist, photographer, husband, father and nerd (sometimes I blog). I’ve been providing solutions to entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, schools and universities during my journey.

I’m a problem solver at-heart so that’s the approach I take to my work. Attentive to detail, overall thinker and just a “why is that?” kinda person. I’ve been featured in Graphic Design USA’s PRINT Magazine. I received my Fine Arts degree from Florida International University. As a Senior Designer at my alma mater, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting the student organizations and the Division of Student Affairs within the Campus Life office; designing the identity and promotional materials for everything from Homecoming to educational lectures. Miami has been home for 10+ years now. A 29 year-old husband to a goofy wife, father of a precious daughter, stubborn Miniature Pinscher and an over-affectionate cat (don’t tell her I said that)


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Procreate
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Draw
  • Adobe XD

My Gear

  • Apple iMac 21.5”
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15”
  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5” + Pencil
  • Fujifilm X-T10 + 35mm f2
  • Canon Rebel T6 + 35mm f8


  • Book/Novel: Burn Your Portfolio, Michael Janda
  • Comic/Graphic: Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur
  • Anime: Hellsing x Overlord
  • Show: My Hero Academia / American Horror Story
  • Gaming: Shadow of War
Past & Present
Need work?

You bring the problem, I can help develop a solution. If I made a great impression and feel that we could work on a project together then let’s hear the details. I’m Jason to your Zordon. Leonardo to Master Splinter. Don’t get it? No? I’m Hermione to your Harry. Still? You’re the nail, I’m the hammer.


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