> Services

Will you handle printing as well?
That is an option. I work directly with printers to assure your items will have the best quality possible. All print orders require shipping.

Do you offer photography?
Yes, I offer photography services that I can quote you for.

How do I start a request?
Simple. Click the link below.

What is the purpose of a brand guidelines manual?
It is a master document that features and defines all of the different elements with your brand. It explains how to create new materials that are on brand.

Are you responsible for all site maintenance or updates?
No, but I can be contracted to do so. A retainer or fixed rate are your options. See below at pricing and billing.

Do you redesign any existing work or websites?
Yes, I can redesign previous design work you have.

Are rush services available?
Yes, pending on the request, rush varies.

> Quotes + Rates

What do you charge for your services
Each design project has its own set of variables that affect the price.  All fees associated with the project will be presented and agreed upon before starting the project.

What are your billing policies?
All projects require a deposit prior to the start of the request. The remainder is sent at either a milestone/scheduled date or at the completion of the project. Fixed Rate and Hourly Rate. Fixed – per design item, pre-determined at the start of the project. Depending on the length and the amount of projects, a retainer can be set. Hourly – billing tased on the time spent on the project; minimum/maximum hours are agreed upon.

How do you accept payment?
Cash, checks, credit/debit via PayPal and money orders.

Are package deals an option?
No set design packages are set. The needs of the client vary so the best price possible is based on your requirements. The amount of work determines the rate.

> Process

How does your design process work?
Typically projects tend to go this route:

  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Quote + Scope of Work to Client
  3. Deposit
  4. Research + Brainstorming & Initial Concepts
  5. Client Review
  6. Revisions to Creative (me)
  7. Final Approval + Payment
  8. Files Delivered

What programs and tools do you use?
The latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, which includes illustrator and Photoshop. For web design, WordPress, Adobe Muse, and SquareSpace.

Is the initial meeting on the phone or in person?
Either option is fine. Video conference via Skype is an option too.

How long does a request to take to complete?
The completion of any project varies on the project itself, however, a timeline is given on each Statement of Work. Anywhere from 3 days to two weeks. Other variables affect the timeline such as client response.

Which file types do you provide?
Usually print and/or digital format are included: .EPS, .JPG, and PDFs. Any specific files needed, just be sure to mention and they’ll be provided. Working directly iwht your developers, printers and others is an option as well.

What web and hosting do you provide?
Web services provided will be either backed by GoDaddy or SquareSpace. Your domain, the design of your website, web hosting and email accounts will be provided for you.

How do I check the status of my print job?
A tracking number will be provided once received for your item.

What if there is an error on the print?
No file or design is sent to print without a written approval by the client. And so, the client will be responsible for errors once the invoice and proof is approved. I will take responsibility for any error of the files sent.

Need work?

You bring the problem, I can help develop a solution. If I made a great impression and feel that we could work on a project together then let’s hear the details. I’m Jason to your Zordon. Leonardo to Master Splinter. Don’t get it? No? I’m Hermione to your Harry. Still? You’re the nail, I’m the hammer.


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