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Project Description

Blu Bear

BluBear Digital

A friend of mine began a digital media design company, specializing in online presence. Websites, social media, e-mail marketing, things of that nature. He needed a logo that reflected his personality or attitude. Like most IT professionals, their dislike for the average computer user is prevalent. I chose to use one of his infamous looks when it comes to assisting users with minor errors. The name derived from his past DJ name, Polar Bear, so we kept the identity to work for his overall brand.

Tools Used:
iPad Pro + Pencil, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Need work?

You bring the problem, I can help develop a solution. If I made a great impression and feel that we could work on a project together then let’s hear the details. I’m Jason to your Zordon. Leonardo to Master Splinter. Don’t get it? No? I’m Hermione to your Harry. Still? You’re the nail, I’m the hammer.

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