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Project Description

I Love Shiny Things

Student Programming Council at Florida International University

Student Programming council (SPC) are responsible for most of the successful engagement programs for students on the campus of FIU. Including presenting more than 40 events per academic year across two of the university’s campuses.

“Takeover” events are Tier 2 level programming (Tier 1 being concerts, lectures, etc.) where they choose a location or experience and pay for the students’ travel and food expenses. This particular Takeover is for the premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in November. They requested a design with a figure from the first film, who better than the Niffler? For the Harry Potter fans that’s been around since Dudley’s pig tail, I threw in an Easter egg for the culture. The design was used for the promotional t-shirt for the event.

Tools Used:
iPad Pro + Pencil, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Need work?

You bring the problem, I can help develop a solution. If I made a great impression and feel that we could work on a project together then let’s hear the details. I’m Jason to your Zordon. Leonardo to Master Splinter. Don’t get it? No? I’m Hermione to your Harry. Still? You’re the nail, I’m the hammer.


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