The 5ive Footer and Where to Find Him

This is a personal page inspired by Derek Sivers’ “Now Page” idea. Regular updates on my projects and life. Put one on your site if you like it.

Updated: December 2022 – Houston, TX

Welcome Home Alumni

Week of Welcome is the starting point for the Fall semester at many universities and colleges. I had the pleasure of assisting Nova Southeastern University & Loyola University-Chicago with their calendar of events. Waves of Welcome and Welcome Week, respectively. While one campus targeted first-year students for a seven-day period, the other held events for the first month of the semester. Events ranged from movies-on-the-lawn to field day activities. Deliverables included but not limited to, signage, digital media and apparel for each campus. The bold new look gained praise due to its continuity and organization. Check out some of the work below.

Building New Traditions at Ohio

Ohio University is one of the new institutions I was referred to assist their Sorority & Fraternity Life with art direction and rebranding their visual identity. Amongst the collaboration was an apparel design for their upcoming Homecoming events.

Products on Gumroad!

I had the pleasure of being invited as a speaker for this year’s Bleeding Disorder Conference in Houston on August 25-27. I sat on a panel alongside two other members of the bleeding disorders community titled “Passing the Torch”. Sharing experiences, obstacles, habits, and other topics addressing living with Hemophilia. The reception of the audience and families that endured similar events was a refreshing experience.

Pages from Sketchbook

Not too much serious sketching that led to any posted work, only practice work through my readings of Michael Hampton’s Figure Drawing and Mitch Leeuwe’s How to Draw Characters. I have begun to sell line work as coloring pages on Gumroad. The first collection of work are portraits I created over the past year. Bundles will be for sale while individual sheets will be for free download. If you download any of the pages, I would love to see what the finished work looks like! Check out some of the other line work I’ll be adding to the collection.


I’ve adjusted the reading schedule I had set for myself after completing The Fountainhead, Pocket Full of Do and Manage Your Day-to-Day. ALL WITHIN A WEEK. The five pages/day goal extended to multiple blocks of reading daily. Since finishing each book ahead of schedule, I’m currently reading The Freelancer’s Bible by Sara Horowitz and Keep Going by Austin Kleon.