The 5ive Footer and Where to Find Him

This is a personal page inspired by Derek Sivers’ “Now Page” idea. Regular updates on my projects and life. Put one on your site if you like it.

Updated: March 2022 – Houston, TX

Living Permanently in Houston

My family and I have moved to Houston, Texas in June 2021. I’m blessed to have made this move. We plan to spend at least two years as Houstonians.

Transition to Full-Time

With the recent move, I am no longer a designer for Florida International University. Taking the 10+ years of experience in business for myself in a new location. Still working for tacos, just different salsa. Let’s work together.

Illustration + Art

I am working more on illustration, digitally mostly. Just a lil razzle dazzle in the original characters and mascots department. I have begun creating mascots for K-12 up to higher education, as well as children-themed coloring pages. Some of my work is available for print at my (sort of) RedBubble store, past work can be seen here and Behance.


“Fountainhead” is still queued up but man is it getting good. Peter just won the competition and blacked out in front of Howard. Woosh. “Pocket Full of Do” is alongside the current novel. Up next, “Keep Going” by Austin Kleon.

Playing on XBOX

CyberPunk 2077 is back online. Yes, Projekt Red’s CyberPunk 2077. No, the Xbox One version. Only like three bugs. Ultimate Team on FIFA 22 is coming to an end so its just fun teams hear on out.

Celebrating 4 + 33

Jade and I just celebrated our birthdays, a month between each other. We dove in a sprinkles pit. Learned about the galaxy at the Space Center. Enjoyed some great experiences with family and friends.

Art and such below.