Project Description


Coming off a great rookie season, Lamar Jackson, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens and his management team were looking to update the brand identity of his apparel line, Era 8. The current designs didn’t reflect the new identity he developed since being drafted. The African Wild Dog became apart of his identity but had 0 representation within the branding and identity.

The Wild Dog became a symbol or the logo for the company moving forward. An adaptable logo that can be printed on any product he needed or had upcoming. The colors of the African wild dog were retained to keep the authentic feel of the animal throughout the identity although various apparel items wouldn’t adopt the palette.

Beyond the identity design, I developed a dozen apparel designs for the re-launch of the new look and feel for Era 8. Incorporating images of not only the wild dog characterized, but using Lamar himself at the start of the launch to drive sales. The designs were used on tops, bottoms, outerwear as well as accessories.