Project Description


“How do we develop a look that says “students?” was the question posed at the beginning of this study. The Marietta Activities Council at Kennesaw State University was more “academia” than they wanted to be. In academia, professionalism is a dark cloud over student involvement/activities offices. Appealing to faculty/staff was easy, to students, not so much. Unlike most other departments, student activities offices are advertising strictly to the students, nine times out of ten. The imagery can be more abstract and vibrant compared to the university’s brand guidelines.

The office wanted completely different logos that both sides would feel comfortable wearing, the staff vs the students. The logo design chosen for the staff stood out just enough for their colleagues to grasp the concept upon seeing it. Direct and minimal. Whereas the students’ design took a more bold approach. Outfitting the logo in a style that resembles a sports team to excite.

Once the identity of the office became set, we then started to tackle the event collateral, beginning with these events: Week of Welcome for Fall, Welcome Back for Spring and Homecoming Concert. For each event, print and digital collateral were developed. Handbills, T-shirts, staff credentials and promotional items were among the deliverables that I designed.