Project Description


Always be happy.

“Woodstock meets FIU”. That’s what the Pinterest board the event committee had read when I was added. The spring concert moved away from trying to establish a similar atmosphere of Homecoming and decided to provide a different experience all-together. UPROAR became a “festival” rather than a concert. The festival area featured various stations to keep the students engaged by more than the musical performances.

The chosen color palette reflects a plethora of Woodstock-ish inspired graphics, and “day & night” to symbolize the length of festival. Sun up to sun down. The UPROAR logo needed to be as direct as possible regarding the theme as a way to create engagement. The reveal/announcement of the event gives a sneak peek, teasing the audience without revealing too much.

Each element was created in Procreate and Illustrator, featuring some items from Adobe Stock to drive the visual identity home. All symbols served multiple purposes throughout the marketing of the event. Stickers, tote bags, water bottles and bracelets are some of the promotional items we took advantage of. Each year, a Roary is produced to add to the yearly collection. “Hippy Roary” is featured throughout the identity to “pantherize” the event without compromising the theme.